Pandemic Response

Best Practices for Canoe & Kayak Rental Establishments to Manage COVID-19

1. Staff training on COVID-19 prevention policies and procedures. Monitor staff throughout the season to make sure correct procedures are being followed.

2. Boat rental facility
 a. Information signs - What we are doing to prevent COVID-19 spread. Your health and safety remain our highest priority, clean and sanitize all hard surfaces frequently throughout the day, daily screen all employees for symptoms of illness, employees trained on best hygiene practices and use PPE, 6-ft social distancing, disinfecting equipment between every use. Boat rental process and list steps if different.
 b. Provide tissues, no-touch waste bins and alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations.
 c. Staff clean and disinfect frequently throughout the day.

3. Boat rental procedures
 a. Rental procedures and staff limit length of queues and number of people renting boats.
 i. Reservations only and staff actively manage drop in customers.
 ii. Follow CDC and State guidelines as they are updated throughout season.
 b. Queue line markings 6 feet apart.
 c. If possible, have rental process and paperwork on outdoor tables to increase space and more ventilation. Only one person from group goes inside to pay.
 d. Maintain 6 ft distance between public and staff.
 e. Sanitize used pens, air dry and reuse.
 f. Disinfect credit card machines between uses. Do not require signatures on cc receipts. Avoid cash if possible.
 g. Staff have own work area when possible, separate pen, phone, credit card, POS, etc.

4. Boat launch and return procedures
 a. Boat renter and dock staff keep 6 feet distancing.
 b. Disinfecting wipes available for public to wipe paddles, boats and PFDs. Staff would have already disinfected the equipment but public may demand to clean as well.
 c. Staff direct boat renter to where they pick up disinfected PFD’s and paddles.
 d. Staff assist customers in and out of boats holding on back of boat so as to be behind customer or if possible, have customers launch/return themselves.
 e. Staff check in customer at landing so we know back safely and renter does not have to go back to office area to pick up deposit.  f. When customer returns to landing, staff directs customer to take paddles and PFD’s to sterilizing station.

5. Boat rental equipment disinfecting procedures
 a. Paddles soaked in tank with disinfectant for >10 minutes. Staff rinse off and air dry.
 b. PFDs sprayed with disinfectant >10 minutes. Staff rinse and hang dry.
 c. Boat touch points disinfected by cloths or sprayer with disinfectant solution.
 d. Safe and proper disposal of disinfecting solution so as to not pollute river.