We're looking for shuttle drivers. Please visit our Job Application page to fill out an application. You must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid drivers license and be able to aquire a chauffeurs license if you don't already have one.

Oakwoods Metropark

  • Booking online allows you to check for availability without having to call us.
  • Book, pay, and sign your waivers before you arrive.
  • After booking, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link to sign your waivers online. You can even forward the email to the rest of the people of your party so they too can sign their waivers ahead of time.
  • Gift Cards purchased online can only be used at our Oakwoods Metropark location.


This is regarding 4th of July weekend. Due to a major blockage at the railroad tracks, we will not allow beginner paddlers out onto the river. Currently, there is about a 6 foot gap to pass the blockage but the river is still moving fast. Also, new debris is still being washed down the river so new blockages may form at any time. When it comes to faster river currents, you MUST be able to think quickly should you be come across a blockage.

By continuing to book a reservation for this holiday weekend, you are acknowledging that you understand the extreme risks you are taking if you or anybody in your party are not experienced paddlers.

We appreciate your understanding.

Atwater Paddles

  • Booking is only available by phone.
Call us at: (313) 473-9847

Rouge River

Online reservations are available for self-returns on the pond inside Ford Field Park in Dearborn, MI.