Frequently Asked Questions
Digital Gift Cards
Why are digital gift cards being sold through FareHarbor instead of directly from Motor City Canoe Rental?
For our Oakwoods Metropark location, we will be launching an online booking system in 2021. The system is built and maintained by FareHarbor and managed by us. Digital gift cards are sold directly from FareHarbor and can only be used when booking online reservations via FareHarbor's booking system.
Which locations accept digital gift cards?
Until further notice, our Oakwoods Metropark location will be the only location accepting digital gift cards. This is because they are the only location with online booking which will be rolled out in spring 2021.
Are digital gift cards refundable?
No, they are not refundable.
Are digital gift cards transferable?
Gift cards are technically not transferable on our end. However, anybody can use the code to apply to their own reservation. You can send your digital gift card code to a friend or family member and they'd be able to use it on their own reservation.
What if I lost my digital gift card code?